Frequently asked questions


What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography is best described as a style of portrait photography that aims to capture real life moments in an artistic and relaxed manner.

I'm worried my house is not "photography material".  Is that a problem?

No problem whatsoever. I do not expect to walk into a showhome that has been professionally decorated by your personal stylist. I'm coming to YOUR home to capture YOUR memories. If however you would like a few style tips to give your photos that "extra touch" then I recommend a neutral bedspread, throw and a bunch of neutral flowers or potplant. They honestly make such a difference! I do recommend that you always clean up any personal belongings. Unless you would like the belongings on your sidedrawers (ear plugs, headphones and loose change) photographed, just pop them in the drawers for the morning.

Do you provide prints also?

All of my packages provide digital edited images supplied on a private online gallery for you to choose. I try to keep my packages very simple and do not want you to feel at all obliged to purchase anything further. If however, you would like to have your images printed I am more than happy to work with you on printing your favourite images through a few of my recommended suppliers.

Do you provide a client closet?

I have several dresses that I keep on hand for my clients. If you are looking to find a dress for your maternity and/or newborn photoshoot I will happily let you borrow one of these for your photoshoot. I absolutely understand the frustration with trying to find an outfit for your photoshoots. Especially one you may not wear again if you are pregnant! I also have several wraps, blankets, clothes for your newborn too.

How far in advance do we need to book?

Typically, my weekend spots are the most popular. So if you're looking to secure an outdoor photoshoot then you will most likely need to allow 6+ weeks. I do my newborn photoshoots in the morning in your home on a weekday (when you're all at home and in your newborn bubble) and they can book 4-6 weeks in advance. It always depends on the time of year and situation so I definitey encourage clients to get in touch with me in the second trimester to organise a maternity or newborn photoshoot so we can get you the ultimate slot. Do not worry if your little one doesn't arrive on time. I get it! If your little one arrives early or late, then we simply keep in touch closer to the time and rearrange as we need. Always get in touch though as I may have an availability (if a client has needed to move a photoshoot) for when you require!

How do I book?

Good question! In time I will open up an online booking system however for now, you can either contact me via my contact form on my website (preference) or get in touch with me via my email or touch base with me via instagram or facebook. I keep most forms of communication open. From there, we will discuss your photoshoot and find a booking suitable for you!

Help, what do I wear at your photoshoots?

Ah, the most common question of all time! For what it's worth, I get it. I get family photoshoots of my family too and can appreciate how much time and energy goes into ensuring that you are all coordinated (but gosh, not "too" coordinated"). Never fear though. Once you book with me, I will help you with ideas and I have pinboards to give you plenty of examples! Mums, I hear you! You're pregnant or you have just had a baby and can't for the life of you, find something that makes you feel comfortable! I've got you covered. I have several dresses in my client closet. If you do not have anything, then I will happily bring one of them with me to your photoshoot. They're all lovely brands with lots of room while also being stylish! Here's a few tips for you: Typically no more than 4 colours within a palette. Colours that best suit my style of photograph is neutral, whites, tans combined with even a few earthy colours such as olive green. Try to steer away from too many patterns that might clash with each other. They can also appear very busy in photos too.

What is the tunaround time for my gallery

Generally, it is 3-4weeks. It often depends on how busy I am. I will advise you at your photoshoot how long it will be.

Do I pick my own images or do you?

I provide you with a gallery of images that you can you choose from. Once you've selected your images, I will then upload them for you to download and keep! You can also upgrade to the entire gallery at an additional $100.00

Have you received your immunisations?

I have! I am a Mum of two little ones so can appreciate the importance of this. I have received all of my immunisations as has my family. I also receive my flu shot annually. I will never intentionally bring anything into your home and if I am unwell I will advise you and we will need to postpone. I also ask that you do the same.