• Jaqueline Whyte

An afternoon with Matt and Danni

Photoshoots are awkward at the best of the times, aren't they? I am the worst at getting my photo taken. I am much more comfortable behind the camera. I guess that's why I do what I do! ha.

A lot of my clients often comment at the beginning about how nervous they are and that they're not very good at posing for the camera. I totally get that!

At the photoshoot I do my very best to relax you. I get to know you, talk you through what we're doing and make you laugh (whether that is with me or at me...either or).

Matt and Danni were a little nervous about this shoot! Maybe even a little apprehensive that they couldn't relax in front of the camera. Well, they certainly proved themselves wrong! They were fantastic.

We encountered a spider, spider web and many (many) mosquitoes (they were gigantic) but it was worth it. Thank you Matt & Danni for being such troopers in the long grass!


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