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What on earth am I going to wear to the photoshoot?

Such a common question.

Let me help! I've been there (yes I sit for the camera sometimes....only sometimes).

Keep in mind that you need to be comfortable in the shoot and you need to look back at your photos and like what you see and what you're wearing. Do not go out and spend loads of money on an outfit you wouldn't usually wear!

Here are my tips for you:

Choose a palette of no more than 4 colours and mix them up throughout the family.

Soft lighter tones always look amazing in photos. That is, neutrals, pinks, light blue. greys, whites. You could wear a white shirt or blue linen shirt with natural colour bottoms. Or you could wear a light pink or white dress with one of you children wearing light blue or grey to match.

Darker colours always look great too however try not to mix the darker with lighter too much (except white, white always looks amazing). Again, stick to the 4 colours. Some examples of this could be, navy, mustard, tan, with deeper pinks, maroons.

Some of your photographs will be in full length so let's not forget the shoes! Try and keep your shoes within the 4 palette mix too.

Try and steer away from too many patterns and anything that is going to be too busy in the images. Too many patterns, symbols, shapes can be quite distracting in photos.

As I mentioned earlier, this is merely a guide. If you decide to show up in a patterned red shirt with pink shorts then that is okay too! It's your memory and your images. I'm all about ensuring that your images are real.

Again, I am more than happy to assist you prior to your photoshoot. I have clients sending me screen shots with ideas regularly. I love to be involved.


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