Meet Jaqueline 
Your Brisbane Newborn Photographer

Jaqueline Whyte is a Brisbane Newborn Photographer who also specialises in Maternity Photography, Family Photography and Commercial Photography.

"We had Jaqueline around to shoot photos of our newborn and we couldn’t have been happier! She was so understanding of the challenges of having a newborn and so patient with us and our little bundle during the whole process. Not only did we get incredible photos, we actually had fun while taking them! Jaq was kind, considerate, professional and we absolutely love the photos we received! Couldn’t recommend enough"



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A photoshoot with Jaqueline

Lets start with my most popular package and what I'm probably best known for.  In home newborn photography and family photography. Your home is your happy place.  Where right now, you probably feel the most comfortable and the thought of leaving the house in those first few weeks (and taking the entire house including the kitchen sink) is perhaps a little overwhelming.  Not only that. With my experience in photographing newborns, I know how unpredictable they can be. I get it! Please know that I always let your newborn take the lead during the photoshoot.  If they're asleep when I arrive, great! If they're hungry or upset, completely fine!  So normal and oh so common.  Whatever happens on the day, we'll make it work, we will take our time and we will stop when we need. No rush.  No pressure.  That's the whole idea around photographing in your home!  After your photoshoot, i'll get to editing your moments and will provide you with 30 beautiful images for you to cherish.

What if you want to capture your memories outdoors?  That's no problem whatsoever. I often photograph both families and maternity outdoors.   I have numerous locations I photograph at and am more than happy to discuss my ideas with you.  Golden hour is when I recommend we capture your family.  That is around sunrise and sunset.  The most beautiful, soft light and you will be forever grateful when you see the results in your final images.

Now lets talk my other packages branding and products.  Your small businesses best friend.  Professional, consistent images are so important these days.  I come to your place of business and photograph you, your team and everything you do.  Behind the scenes, action shots, filler photos.  I basically shadow you for a few hours with a camera in my hand.

Want your products photographed as well?  Count me in!  I often photograph products in my own studio which is minimal, white with plenty of neutral tones and lots of props!  

That's a highlight of what I do. Keen to know more or would like to make a booking?  Get in touch via my contact form and i'll be in touch within 24 hours.

I hope to photograph for you one day soon!



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